Basil's victory portrait, with him smiling with confetti raining down

OMORI is an RPGMaker game released in December 25th 2020. i stumbled upon the game after some youtuber i watch 2-3 months played the game for one video, so i got intrigued and decided to check the game out.

Basil handing out a flower, text on top says (For You!)

i have flopped around in which character is my most favortie throughout my playthrough. but after (almost?) 100 hours of this game i can say i like the flower boy a bit, just a little bit, not much, at all.

Basil pointing a camera at the viewer, text on top says (Cheese!)

i like almost everything about this character. the design, the color palette, even if headspace's pastel palette is generally pleasant i am still a big fan of the minty green (yes, he is the reason i like the color green that much), the personality is cute, he's just a silly lil guy Sprite of Basil sitting down on the ground, slowly swinging their legs a little bit up and down

Sad Basil tearing up, text on top says (I'm sorry...)

my relationship with the game is quite complicated, and while it is obvious from this page that i like Basil quite a lot bit, i hold a pretty critical opinion on the game. i won't talk about spoilers but if i'm gonna be honest i rate the game a solid 7, maybe 8 out of 10. so yeah i don't need anyone to point things out to me basil toast

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